Friday, 4 September 2009

Di Sini Kisah Coklatku Bermula

~How chocolates strenghten my love~

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…how true these words are…
I’m married to a chocolate lover --> my darling hubby..and me myself do eat chocolate but very2 selective one, like I only enjoy certain brands of choc like Ferrero Rocher, Hersheys, and any yummy chocolates with raisins.

I remember when I was alone & very far distance away for 6 months from my hubby (I was (->and still) studying in Nottingham, UK), chocolates have been a way of alleviating my pain and suffering of loneliness & ‘kerinduan’ to my hubby…

How does it work? Every time I feel like I couldn’t tolerate the suffering anymore, I went to buy some chocolates…not for me to eat, but I keep it as souvenir and special gift for my hubby, since I know he’s crazy about chocolates…almost all types of them!

So just imagine the chocolates that I managed to buy within the 6 months I was in UK…the truth is I missed him almost every day… this odd way of releasing my loneliness here is aggravated by the fact that UK is simply chocolates heaven -->the price of chocolates in UK is relatively cheaper than in Malaysia, with lots more varieties and colourful wrappings! But of course Ferrero Rocher remains the top in my list…since I share chocolate passion of this brand (Ferrero) with hubby.

By the end of 6 months time, the chocolates that I managed to accumulate for hubby well…u can guess….it’s a lot…no joke!!!(but regrettably I didn’t snap any pic of the chocolates --> tak terpikir plan nak snap pic of all those chocolates…ruginyer..but En Hubby can testify on this ;)

Oh yess, when I was in UK, another story that is worth sharing (chocolate related story of course) is my unforgettable visit to one of the famous chocolate factories in UK-->Cadbury World!!! The factory is located in Birmingham…me first time visiting this type of factory (I guess Msia don’t have any chocolate factory which is commercialized for public visit, though we have bread factory like the one owned by High 5 bread/Silverbird in Shah not yet have the chance to visit..sorry offtopic plak)

About the Cadbury World, well…it was crowded with tourists!! And the entrance fee is not cheap too…but for an experience, money must be sacrificed lor…everything about chocolates are there, from the origin, the sketch, the process of chocolate making, the joyride of chocolate train etc

So here is some of the pics during my visit to Cadbury World!

I went with my friends, who all have their spouses with them…so me missing my hubby every single second, wishing that I could come with him in the future (chocolate lover like him would appreciate this kind of visit even more)

And this is my proof that I really2 missed him…

So again chocolates strengthen my love towards my hubby.. and of course I did buy some chocolates from the shop/outlet at the factory specially for my hubby…

That’s all of my chocolate story…
it would be a lot SWEETER if I could win the giveaway too, as a special gift for my hubby of course…(except for a birthday card that I already bought long time ago in UK purposely to be given on my hubby’s birthday, I have yet to buy anything for my hubby’s birthday which falls this coming6th Sept due to the limited budget-->all spent to buy baju raya, and some money for duit raya too..huhuhu..)

The above story is the entry (2nd category) for the contest organized by Siti Sifir - contest titled Di sini kisah coklatku bermula..

For further info, just visit her blog!!

The prizes are all SWEETTT...sponsored by

Hadiah pertama :
Praline Chocolate : Super Premium Chocolate (48pcs) + Panned Chocolate

Hadiah tempat kedua :
Praline Chocolate : Premium Chocolate (32pcs) + Kurma Chocolate(24pcs)

Thanks Siti Sifir for the contest and many2 thanks to the sponsors too!!

Mama Zharfan


sya said...

wah..boleh msuk ni..hntr gmbr cadbury world jgk..haha

mama zharfan said...

bole jer sya! tp jln citer kena unik+kreatif lor ;) :p

aurikelsan said...

fyi, Beryl's choc in msia allow people to visit their factory with early notification/on request. The factory is located somewhere near Serdang.My coursemate & I went for a visit few years ago. There, you can also buy their products with cheaper price. I love Beryl's choc raisin

mama zharfan said...

thanks for the info!!! really appreciate that ;)


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