Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Simply impressive...

yepp...lots of pro compers around...
and me got to know some of Malaysian pro-compers via emenang.com.
(oh yess..i got the above paper cutting from emenang.com as well..)

Comping is simply a rewarding hobby...u may win ur dream prizes...if not today, sooner or later...one sweet day..Insya Allah..nothing is impossible!

note : congrats to all my buddy compers with their latest winnings...ayu won cash in yeo's, CMa won Johnson's contest, ezna one of finalists boh-tv3 open hse, hidayah won johnson loving touch contest, and not forgetting jingjing with a long list of her winning as usual... You guys are simply amazing!! May we win more & more!! Amiin..

Me not feeling today plus occupied with thesis writing..
Mama Zharfan


Ezna said...

alhamdulilah...our circle of compers friend menang hadiah...dan lagi dan lagi.....:)

Ros Ibrahim said...

congrats, your baby won one of the prizes at MBP Cutest Baby Contest


Mama Zharfan said...

thanks little mama!!!


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