Saturday 12 September 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest

MomBloggersPlanet is having its September--> monthly round of the cutest baby contest<--me having been passionately joining the contests..all rounds without fail…no luck yet...huhuhu a very tough competition indeed..

For September, the theme is “Cutest Baby with BOTTLE”.
Why milk bottle? Because, MomBloggersPlanet is promoting a safer bottle-feeding for babies and children as part of their Babies & Kids Safety Campaign.

Well….this Cutest Baby Photo Contest lasts until December, with different theme every month. The prizes are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

For the purpose of the contest, here is the details of my baby boy:

Date of birth : 15th April 2009

and here is the pic for the contest..

For this month’s contest requirement, I’ve to write about the BOTTLE in the picture & my opinion on how to safely feed my baby using a BOTTLE.

The BOTTLE in the picture is one of Ariff's fav--> Disney Pooh brand..lovely design and colours, and nice shape/design to fit Ariff lil hands!!

So how to safely feed my baby using a BOTTLE?

Bonding is still possible, though the feeding is via bottle..Cuddles and comfort are as important for my baby as feeding is. I always let my baby feel my bare skin and ensure that both of us are comfortable.

Of course very2 important to remember that...not to feed my baby while he is lying down. The milk can go up the tiny tubes and into baby’s ears causing ear infections. Cradling my baby in my arms is the easiest position. I've never ever leave my lil baby to feed himself; it is dangerous.

To protect my clothes and my baby’s clothes, the option is put a bib on my baby. ;)

To ensure 'BURP'...Younger babies need to be burped two or three times during each feed. They find it hard to burp naturally on their own. What I usually do for my Ariff is to rub or pat his back gently until he burps. Wind usually becomes less of a problem as a baby gets older.

Leftover milk...what to do then?..When my baby has finished his bottle, tip any left over milk out. Bacteria from baby's mouth can be introduced into the milk and multiply quickly.

Ensuring all the time that all these safety precaution, measures & tips are adhered to! hence feeding the baby is another way of bonding between me & my baby!!

Mama Zharfan & Ariff

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