Thursday 31 August 2017

Rezeki Julai dan Ogos

~for personal record and future reference only~

Alhamdulillah, telur utk bulan Julai 'pecah dan menetas' agak awal ie on 4th July, yg mana result contest was published on the website

(1) so nama mr hubby sangkut as one of weekly winners Mr Muscle slogan contest, dpt voucher RM1k :)

(2) sangkut one name for weekly prize contest munchys..dpt call on 6/7/17, kena post resit for verification

(3) rezeki dari Blu Inc..

~dpt product Bliv from Eh! Magz~

~Comfort Zone from Her World~

~Dermalogica from Her World~

(4) menang conso prize utk contest fair&lovely @giant (result was out on 19/7/17)

(5) another conso prizes from Kao Attack (lucky draw based), result was out on 20/7/17

(6) sangkut satu nama ajer utk contest munchys weekly so dpt lah sekeping kad petrol worth RM100 (result out kat website on 24/717)

(7) sangkut conso prize ajer utk contest colgate-palmolive @aeon big..conso prize winners sgt ramai ie 150 org tuuu..lom ada rezeki nak menang hadiah utama yg sgt besh itew..(dpt wasup psl result on 27 july 2017)


telur utk ogos hanya menetas pada 12hb ie dpt result via wasup..
(8) sangkut hadiah utk contest carefree wasup..dpt food steamer..lom ada rezeki nak dpt air fryer

(9) rezeki dari Blu Inc utk bln ni..

~menang 2x voucher mandara spa from Glam~

~menang set make-up Pupa from Her World~

~menang skincare Cellnique from Her World~

~menang product Kose Infinity from Eh!~

~menang hadiah dari Shape~

(10) MZ terpilih as one of winners utk contest Lux-Giant supermarket sweep. syukur 1st shopping spree yg MZ menang utk thn 2017 ni (dpt call from organizer on 17/8/17, event nya on 25/8/17)


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