Thursday 17 January 2019

Bil hospital swasta

MZ & family are covered under group insurance takaful msia under every year premium is increased..sbb bknnya medical card yg amik personal/individual based

sbb nama pun group insurance (which is made available for all uia staff and family), so max annual coverage per pax depends on coverage yg dipilih...lowest is RM15k annually and highest is RM45k annually for my family, MZ amik yg coverage RM25k annually (premium RM391 monthly--to cover 5 pax)

tp kan...the not so nice part...
pmcare cuma cover 90% jer of total hospital bills, bkn 100% ...memang t&cnya gitu...zmn2 dulu masa MZ mula2/awal2 join UIA, coverage was masa mr hubby kena operate to remove batu karang in bills 100% now dh tak de coverage 100% :(

so latest bil yg mana my arif masuk wad selama 6 hari 5 mlm tu..

ni itemised billing...excludes specialist charge

ni MZ kena byr RM782 ie 10% of the total bills..anyway syukur gaklah wpun coverage 90% jer...asalkan my kids are treated properly and we are ok with the overall service by Ampang Putri Hosp

ni plak diagnosis penyakit ariff

anyway, my ariff is still in recovering process..actually still not well mcm time dia adik (Dr Awi) kata, pnemonia ni memang takes time to recover
Allahumma yashfi...aamiin

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zacky786 said...

semoga cpt sembuh ..


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