Monday 15 April 2019

Happy 10th birthday | Ariff Shah

today 10 years ago u came into Mama's life..time really flies..
My dear Ariff,
you have always been my beloved son (just like your other 2 siblings)
you have been my pride and joy, my happiness..
I pray for you the best of everything in life, duniawi and ukhrawi
Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin

just a simple celebration for future memories...a slice of choc cake and our lil family lunch at McD - for the family pic

Mama looks so fair in this pic, because of the perfect lighting (meja tu menghadap cahaya hahaha)

Actually Mama was on diet (3rd day)--diet to cut carbo, so Mama makan/ratah ayam tu jer lah..tak dapek nak mkn ice-cream/pie/soft-drink/cake tuuuuu

Zharfan yg snap pics ber4, so he's not in pic

Besday boy and adik bongsu-Razeen tgh kunyah nugget so jd gitulah mulutnya hahahha

all the above pics are taken using Samsung A10 (baru jer beli on Saturday 13/4/19)..the pic quality is awesome!

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