Monday 21 October 2019

While at work

keeping some of the pics of me at work by sharing it here..

group pic..MZ was attending a forum on Industrial Revolution 4.0 on 9th Oct 2019..the speakers were Prof Ida & Prof Stefan Koos (from Germany)

khusyuk tulis apa tu MZ...

on the same day, in the morning  MZ attended URC (University Research Committee) 2nd meeting, held at the Senate Hall..err MZ was 5 minutes late and sengaja dok belakang sbb ingat nak kuar awal sbb ada kelas..then tak jd plak sbb takut ter miss points2 penting meeting tu (I represented my dean too coz he could not make it)

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Ibu Lala said...

Salam isnin. Singgah sini ye


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