Tuesday 10 January 2023

Slowly but surely

Alhamdulillah...another milestone in my career path

It has been 11 years since I obtained my doctorate from Univ of Nottingham (wayback in Aug 2011)...

syukur sgt2, masih direzekikan oleh Allah utk merasa title Associate Professor...
why so long? MZ ni jenis tak berapa ada clear target nak achieve certain grade in how many years gitu...on average, my colleagues achieve this milestone in 4-5 years..so i took double of the period..

another thing, with the new salary grade, it comes with it heavier amanah in accomplishing the jobscope (ni salah satu reason kenapa MZ tak beria sgt nak push utk promotion, sbb tak yakin boleh galas tanggungjawab yg besar...)

semlm ada ceremony ie session with rector and deputy rector..altogether ada 11 newly promoted IIUM staff  

I owed my thanks to my mom, hubby, my boys and my siblings yg selalu mendoakan utk apa jua achievement MZ in my life/career

please work harder MZ!!!


mummy_ayu said...

alhamdulillah congrats dear!!! you did it!!!

mama tisya said...



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