Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Ahlan wa sahlan 2008 :)

Nothing can really cheer up my day other than talking to my boy and listening to his sweet 'baby talk' over the phone..
Sinnce I arrived in Notts, it has been my favourite, much-awaited routine for me to call my Zharfan every alternate day - thanks to Skype for enabling me to make frequent calls to Malaysia at an amazingly affordable rate :)

This morning, my mom was telling me an event which made me smile, yet feel so blessed and proud..
my mom, dad & Zharfan was visiting a relative whose son will start schooling tomorrow. When Zharfan was asked whether he wants to go to school, he spontaneously responded, saying that : ' adik nak gi sekolah nanti mama balik, mama antar adik pegi sekolah'...the apt, sweet answer made everybody laughed... Actually, I always tell my boy whenever we chat over the phone that I would send him to school when I come back, so that he can meet up his teacher, and Zharfan is always excited about going to school again...

My syukur to Allah for giving me the happiness, countless blessings..

Ilall liqa'
Mama Zharfan
New year eve ( 5.13 pm)

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