Tuesday 15 January 2008

Life is short, so make it sweet...and live it to the fullest!

This morning I went to school to do some printing out for couple of articles that I need for my research, to collect the 2nd ream of plain papers from the reception (I've finished using the first ream!) and to see Danielle the postgraduate student officer to ask for few more library vouchers for the interlibrary loan purposes.

Then I went to Sainsbury in Beeston to do some groceries shopping; and I bought another t-shirt for my Zharfan (adding to his collection of clothes that I have been buying since I arrived in Notts :)

I promised my hubby to give him a call when I'm back from school - he's got tummy upset (cum diarrhea) since last nite, and it persisted for the whole day while he's at work...pity my hubby, I know he needs me, especially in difficult times like these...it's not easy for us to live a separate life eventhough temporarily (6 months is not that short for us..)

Deep in my heart (and I guess and hope he knows that) I really2 appreciate his sacrifice, support & understanding, to see me accomplishing my phD...Thanks my hubby....and syukrul lillah for bestowing me with a wonderful (ie HAMPIR SEMPURNA - borrowing the word of Shidi in describing his dear wife Vanida Imran) life partner- I pray to Allah that he is my partner for my whole life in this world and in the Hereafter...Amiin...

Ilal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
5.50 pm

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