Friday, 18 January 2008

"A thousand and one" things to do... ;)

Loads of things to be settled before I can go back to Msia happily with full relief (at least for a while)... the priorities of course to complete the whole first chapter of my thesis.

Other than writing up my thesis, I was truly delighted (in fact mesmerized!) to read an essay from my niece Ila. She asked me to read through her work so that I can make any necessary correction or editing, with the intention to join a contest. Her language style is indeed awesome...even myself don't have that ability to come up with such a lovely fiction..I pray all the best to her in the contest, and most importantly in her SPM - I guess the result will be out by March 2008..

Back to my life here, yesterday, I was telling my hubby that I'm thinking of going back to Msia one week earlier than the initial plan, which means I would be leaving for KL on 21st of March instead of 28th March 2008 - the thought and plan of going back early put a smile on my face..a big grin in fact...hopefully I can settle everything here by that date...

Life has its ups and down...after all that's life all about...that reminds me of the Hindi movie title 'kabi kushi kabhi ghum' which means sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are my friends Farizah, I hope everything will be better soon, Insya Allah. You and your hubby have been very kind to me...only Allah can give you the best rewards...syukran jazilan...

Ilal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
4.10 pm

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