Monday 9 August 2010

Choc oh choc....can a diabetic eat choc?

emm...i dunno the answer, but I guess, it should be yess, but in moderate (little) proportion..
and, no!! me not a diabetic, but unfortunately, my other half is...inherited from his late mom...well..too bad, being a diabetic is a genetic stuff (other than lifestyle and diet)..

my hubby is a choc lover...dia memang suka almost all types of choc, whereas me plak, NO! me tak suka kalau ferrero rocher tu, me mknlah, tu pun sebijik jer sekali mkn :p

and kat UK ni, we all terjumpa choc for a diabetic kat Boots Pharmacy..ada jugak rupanya choc mcm ni yer...rasanya ok jer, cuma may be less sweet..and me suka plak choc ni sbb mcm gula2 ajer :p ada jugak jenis choc bar, tp me lupa nak snap pic :p

i believe kat Msia pun ada kot choc for diabetic ni...:)


nur said...

in fact diabetic patient can eat almost everything but depends on situation- concomitant disease and with certain quantity..

maslinamansor said...

kalau tengok kat packaging dia pun cantik... menarik pelanggan untuk membeli...

Suziey Ahmad said...

tp msti rs dia xbest..ekekekk:D better not la..

Ermayum said...

wow bagus tu choc for diabetic people :)

Nic Helena said...

me too. me suka chocolate, my other-half, so-so. tapi dia rajin belikan.

and yg pelik lagi, my other-half tak suka makan ice-cream, which as me adalah loverrrr...haha (tapi dia jugalah yg tolong ingat adn tolong beli) ekekeke


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