Friday 13 August 2010

Red Ribbon RAYA Giveaway Contest

As Hari Raya is coming near,
I’ve a RAYA WISHLIST for me – of course will be paid by hubby->my darling dear,
Online shopping spree at Red Ribbon Boutique…that's for sure...

Red Ribbon Boutique is just a few clicks away,
Online shopping for hari raya is really fulfilling - it cheers up my tiring fasting day!

MNG vintage wallet I’m eyeing
The design is unique – that’s enticing
The price? Yess..truly affordable.. oh I’m amazed,
Oh dear hubby, that’s my No. 1 wishlist, when u wanna purchase??…!!

Bubble beige dinner dress – the one I will ever need,
The colour is nice, fabulous and sweet,
That’s obviously my No. 2 wish list nothing discreet...
A dress - a gift from my hubby , that’s a real treat!

A couple tee for myself and for hubby I dream  to give,
It reflects our blazing love, as long as we shall live ;)
Fulfilling this No. 3 wish list of mine should not be hard - no need for a mall!,
Red Ribbon Boutique has it all!!!!

That's not the end of my posting,
Red Ribbon Boutique is currently having a RAYA giveaway contest - extremely interesting!!
 Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?
This brand new Korean Dress  
I dream of winning ;)

To know is to love..
I do love Red Ribbon Boutique…simply because…
 the uber cool layout,
the affordable, amazing stuff and whatnot;
the fantabulous fashion buzz,
the coolest stuff and absolute musts;
the first of its kind,
the very cool kind;
a bunch of thanks for the giveaway
may u have a prosperous biz all the way!!

Seeing is believing..
Let’s cuci-cuci mata with some of gorgeous yet truly affordable stuff available at Red Ribbon Boutique..

And here is my story for upcoming Hari Raya..

"The fasting days…days in days out..and taraa…the hari raya would be  just around the corner..this hari raya is gonna be memorable one for me and family (my hubby & 2 kids) as this is our first time celebrating hari raya in a foreign country..far away from home…without family and close relatives…as for myself, this is the 2nd experience, as I celebrated my raya 1st time in 2007, alone here in UK – it was really tough..

Anyway, for this coming raya, I have purposely brought to UK our last year baju raya ..sedondon in blue for hubby & kids..but for me, I didn’t bring my baju kebaya dress in blue, coz I did not plan to wear it (I’m still breastfeeding my baby, so wearing baju raya in dress cutting was a tough time for me last year, especially when it comes to lil Ariff breastfeeding time)

As for biskut raya, since I dunno how to make cookies, and it's not possible or practical to order cookies from all the way from I guess there will be no biskut raya this year…

and for juadah istimewa pagi raya…

I’m thinking of preparing food like nasi himpit, kuah kacang and sate (I did try to make my home made sate last week, and the attempt was a success! - as per the above pics!!!) of course no ketupat and rendang…but I guess some of my Malaysian frens here would prepare those food, and we gonna visit each other on hari least to lessen our homesick on the hari raya…

and of course winning the Red Ribbon Raya Giveaway Contest would be marvellous cheer me up on the upcoming hari raya!!! ;)"

and I wanna tag
Puan Bunga


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