Sunday 30 September 2018

July, August, September

~for personal record and future reference only~


(1) Alhamdulillah, telur utk July menetas awal, sangkut weekly prize contest San Remo..result published on 5/7/18 (update: dh selamat collect pun ceknya)

(2) terpilih/shortlisted as one of weekly winners contest munchys (utk final week)..dpt call on 9/7/18, nak kena pos resit (update: dh selamat terima pun ceknya)

(3) nama terpilih/shortlisted as one of weekly winners contest dutch lady...dpt call/sms on 24/7/18, nak kena pos resit
20/9/18 dpt sms confirming menang voucher RM100 ie weekly prize for nama me & mr hubby. alhamdulillah..katanya vou akan dipos in 2-4 weeks
(4) nama my zharfan sangkut as one of 55 winners contest hwa tai @tesco (slogan based)..result was released on 26/718. syukur sgt2..wishlist my zharfan tu


(1) telur ogos pecah on 13/8, ie dpt wasup mesej..nama MZ dpt weekly prize contest glo (hadiah voucher harvey norman RM150)..ada total 180 weekly winners utk contest ni (vou selamat diterima pada 29/8/18)

(2) penutup ogos..menang hadiah dari contest online blu inc (dpt product bodyshop dan svenson)..sedey la sbb sekarang dh tak de contest2 online by blu inc


(1) dpt conso prize utk contest J&J baby powder @mydin, notification via wasup on 20/9/18..ada 48 conso winners (hadiah hamper J&J value RM200)

~that's all~

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