Tuesday 27 September 2022

Highest score | Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

MZ selalu gerun nak check markah/rating/score utk SFS --setiap sem, students akan rate/bg markah for their lecturers..
rasa2nya to score 90 above tu memang norm (setahu MZ lah--MZ assume so)

syukur alhamdulillah, last sem, MZ dpt highest score (my own record)..kat SFS online tu, ada markah dari thn 2011 lagi (thn2 sblm tu SFS was conducted manually so tak delah markah/rating online), MZ start ngajar kat UIA may 2004 (study leave sept 2007-aug 2011)

alhamdulillah, MZ score 97.43 - MZ ajar 2 subject last sem ie contract II and torts II

Insya Allah, this gonna me a motivation for me to give the best to my students :) new sem will commence on 10/10/22 ie 2 weeks from now

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