Saturday 1 August 2009 giveaway 4th July- 4th August

Dini-tupperware kiosk is having a giveaway!

the prize is extremely tempting...
-->tupperware lunch set!!

So let's check out the t&c..

1) add dini-tupperwarekiosk to your blogroll/bloglist--> DONE!

2) Make an entry mengenai tempat yang menarik untuk berkelah bersama keluarga. It can be anywhere as long as that place selamat dan sesuai untuk membawa bayi dan kanak-kanak.
-->the following is my entry..

task is to make an entry of an interesting picnic spot for family
t can be anywhere, as long as it is safe & family-babies-kids-friendly
ot that tough to join this giveaway then, to myself I whisper
n my mind, I’ve few places already to consider.

T=The preferred picnic spot for my family is a public park, none other than “Taman Metropolitan Kepong” - from my home it’s very near
U=Undoubtedly “selamat & selesa”!
P=Picnic at park, is just wonderful, that’s true
P=Plus lots of other exciting activities to do…..
E=Easily accessible too!--->located alongside MRRII near Selayang/Kepong
R=Refreshing, breezy, fresh air near the lake, can snap lots of picture
W=Well….my kids simply enjoy having picnic here, breakfast or tea, we just love it, that’s sure!
A=And that’s not all…my second favourite spot for family picnic is “Batang Kali Waterfall”…wonder why?
R=Really scenic, cool place for picnic, no joke guys!
E=Extremely recommended for family fun time together
K=Keeping, promoting, preserving green environment, and fresh water
I=In fact, there are abundant of enchanting family picnic spots in our beloved country,
O=Obviously great destinations, and the best part, you can be there for free!
S=So let’s spend more quality time -->picnic-cum-bonding with our family
K=Keeping my fingers crossed now for the above giveaway, and praying hard for my winning and rezeki!!!!

3) Letakkan gambar anda dan keluarga sedang berkelah/picnic/having meals outdoors. Lokasi boleh di mana-mana (waterfall, beach, your house compound, park and even hentian rehat R&R highway) Entry dan gambar tidak semestinya berkaitan

-->Let's 'layan' some of my picnic-related snapshots...

4) Tinggalkan link ke blog dan email add anda di section comment.-->DONE!!
5) Spread the giveaway around. Thank you-->DONE (see the right side ie Dini's banner@ my blog)
6) Closing date will be on 4th of August-->YESS!!

Hopefully, luck will shine on me to win the lunch set -->that will definitely add joy & merriment to my family regular picnics @the park!!
To Dini-tupperware kiosk, thanks for the giveaway! Happy judging ;)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.30 am
~home sweet home~


Unknown said...

Tahniah...selayaknya Mama Zafran kreatif..daku kalah pun x mengapa...

Oh ya ada promosi 5 pek ikan pekasan hanya RM30 termasuk pos..gtau la sapa2 yg suka makan..

N klu free tu pls vote BPC24 di dan
G07 di ye...

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks for the compliment.
ikan pekasam yer..nanti i tanya kot ada saper2 yg berminat..
voting, jap aaa.....
ok..dua2 done! good luck yer!!


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