Thursday 6 August 2009

Romantic & Loving Couple Contest

Mama Tisya is having the above contest in conjunction with her upcoming 3rd wedding anniversary. The contest runs from 18th July - 8th August --> 2 more days left to join..

Let's do the checklist for the t&c:

1. Add blog MamaTisya di bloglist@blogroll and become my Follower -->DONE!!

2. upload Romantic & Loving Couple Contest picture on your blog sidebar-->DONE!!

3. Buat entry khas ngan tajuk Romantic & Loving Couple Contest(hanya tajuk ini shj yg diterima)-->YUP, THIS ENTRY LOR..;)

4. upload only ONE gmbr paling Romantic & Loving anda (selain dr gmbr kawin ye & bkn byk2 gmbr di edit dlm satu frame)


& sertakn details spt berikut:

  • Nama anda & pasangan : SUZI FADHILAH & ROHISHAM
  • Tarikh kawin & anniversary ke brp thn ni : 16th JULY 2004, THIS YEAR, WE'VE JUST CELEBRATED OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY
  • Citer la skit psl gmbr yg dipilih & nyatakn thn bila & lokasi gmbr itu: This is one of our not-so-many honeymoon fav pic actually (I put this pic in a frame on the wall in our bedroom)..taken in August 2004, two weeks after our wedding...the location is at Smoke House Fraser's Hills.
  • The photographer is none other than En.Timer :p.. yup..truthfully En.Hubby is a kind of camera-shy and rarely shows his lovingness in the public...since En. Timer was the photographer thru out our honeymoon, En. Hubby was sporting to do some romantic pose <-- like the one in the pic :)
  • Oh yer...this pic is actually a scanned pic...last time the pic was snapped using old version of Kodak Digicam..then the camera rosak..and the soft-copy which was in my old pc was also gone. So I'm left with only the hard copy(ie the printed pic), plus the scanned copy of the pic..<--that explains why the pic is not that sharp/lil bit blur I guess..

5. Dalam entri itu pastikan anda mention & link ke MamaTisya & Romantic & Loving Couple Contest (no link back will be disqualified)-->DONE!!

6. Bila dah siap, tinggalkan link di entri ini, nanti senang MamaTisya nk view entry korang.-->OK, DONE!!

7. Pemenang akn dipilih berdasarkn gambar yg menarik & paling Romantic & Loving Couple-->HAPPY JUDGING YER MAMA TISYA

8.Hadiah utk pemenang adalah something from ANNA SUI-->LOVELY!!

  • hadiah misteri utk penyertaan ke-18 yg memenuhi syarat2 yg telah ditetapkn.Knp 18??sebabnye anniversaryku 18 August.

9. Terbuka pd smua blogger di Malaysia sahaja (only yg dh kawin.. ..pd yg blum kawin hrp maaf, kn kalo join kot jd isu plak)

10.Keputusan juri adalah muktamad.Hanya 3 pemenang akn dipilih.-->HOPEFULLY ADA REZEKI FOR ME TO BE ONE OF THE 3 LUCKY WINNERS ;) AMIIN..

To Mama Tisya, thanks for kindly organizing this contest...and Happy 3rd Anniversary yer!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
10 am
my cozy lil office


mama tisya said...

ok dh view..good luck

Mama Zharfan said...

ok, tq...harap2 ada rezeki ;) happy judging!!!


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