Saturday, 15 August 2009

Peraduan Promosi Penyusuan Susu Ibu sempena Minggu Penyusuan Ibu Sedunia 2009

I'm a poem lover...and I have come up with this poem cum ode to my breastfeeding story.....

ABC of My Breastfeeding Poem

A is for Absolutely made for two my lil angels -->Zharfan & Ariff, sent from above,
B is for Breastfeeding my adorable lil baby, smothered with love,
C is for Care, the best care me as a mother can give
D is for Delight, for the mother&baby bond that God creates
E is for Every nutrition that a baby needs
F is for Father, mom’s supporting companion in breastfeeding<--none other than ‘papa’ :) G is for Goodness beyond compare
H is for Healthy, a breastfed baby can be
I is for Invigorating experience just for a breastfeeding mom
J is for Joy, shared between a mother& her lil sunshine
K is for kisses and kindness, how lovely…
L is for Love reflection, so wide and deep
M is for Mommy and her loving arms, complementing her special two ‘b’s[-- >breasts] that God bestowes
N is for Never coming to harm, yess, breastmilk is forever safe
O is for Outstanding, dedicated breastfeeding mom (like me..hehehe :p )
P is for Precious little fingers, holding mom during every breastfeeding memorable session
Q is for Quiet, baby is now sleeping in mom’s cuddles…so sweet
R is for Relatives, where emotional support is vital
S is for Sound sleep of baby after his lil tummy is full
T is for Tiny lil toes, fingers and nose
U is for Unconditional as in love from a breastfeeding mom towards her lil jewel
V is for Very active as the baby will be
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise, after the fulfilling sleeping hours
X is for the Xtra special nutrition, antibodies and vitamins of mom’s breastmilk
Y is for You, the dearest in mom’s heart – none other than two my lil angels
Z is for Zest of living that you gave us, little ones.


#For my Zharfan, I didn't manage to breastfeed successfuly until the first 2 weeks after giving birth. The problem recurs (my babies could't not latch..) when I had my lil Ariff…but now I’m breastfeeding Ariff (who turns 4 months old today <-- he was born on 15th April 2009)

#I breastfed my Zharfan until he was 1 1/2 years old, though not exclusively. And I’m hoping to have longer duration for breastfeeding my lil Ariff, Insya Allah..

#I still remember all those sweet time….when my lunch hours were all spent to breastfeed my Zharfan and to have playtime with him ( he has been in UIA nursery since he was 2 months old…until now!!<--he is now 4 years old!!)

#Based on my personal experience, breastfeeding is a very effective and healthy way to lose weight, other than to create a lovely mother-baby bonding! The feeling is truthfully indescribable…the wonderful feeling of only a breastfeeding mom would know it!!

#Being pregnant and being a mother, breastfeeding our own flesh and blood is one of the greatest blessings and joys in a woman's life…how true it is…

#oh ya..don't be surprised..I don't have any pics on breastfeeding pose...simply on the reason that I believe breastfeeding moment is an 'intimate-private-exclusive' moment of a mother with her lil baby ...but I do have one and only photo ...the very exclusive one, as it was taken by my hubby few minutes after lil Ariff was born..and my baby was trying to and did breastfeed..naturally...

#here is the treasured pic...

.....................AND NOW THE CONTEST PART...:P

yess...the above posting is meant for the contest :-
Peraduan Promosi Penyusuan Susu Ibu sempena Minggu Penyusuan Ibu Sedunia 2009

Let's do the check list of the t&c now...
  1. Terbuka kepada semua penulis blog.-->THAT INCLUDES ME..YESS
  2. Buat 1 entri di blog anda untuk mempromosikan Penyusuan Susu Ibu dengan cara paling menarik dan kreatif.-->THIS ENTRY LOR..
  3. Entri boleh ditulis dalam Bahasa Melayu atau Bahasa Inggeris atau kedua-duanya.-->OK, THAT'S NICE.
  4. Copy & paste logo peraduan ini di permulaan entri anda.-->DONE!
  5. Linkkan logo itu kepada entri ini.-->DONE!
  6. Masukkan blog Mom’s Choice dalam blog list anda.-->DONE!
  7. Tinggalkan komen di sini dengan menyertakan link terus ke entri anda yang menyertai peraduan ini.--DONE!
  8. Peraduan bermula 1 OGOS dan berakhir pada 22 OGOS 2009.-->OK..AMPLE TIME TO JOIN..HURRY UP MY DEAR MOMMY BLOGGER FRIENDS!
  9. Pemilihan pemenang akan diadili oleh para hakim yang dilantik oleh Mom’s Choice.-->HAPPY JUDGING...HOPEFULLY ME GOT LUCK & REZEKI TO WIN ;)
  10. Keputusan jemaah hakim adalah muktamad.-->OK!

Prizes are generously sponsored by:


Showing of my two breastfed lil angels!!
Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
10.20 am
~home sweet home~


Anonymous said...

comelnya kening ariff bercantum...! gud luck yea...

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks nelcyndana :) really appreciate ur compliment & wish ;)

e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said...

gud luck utk contest nie..sesamer lar kite m'jadi BF-ibu yg b'jaya.. lps nie leh samer2 share info BF..

btw, i nk follow u tp xde widget follower laks..

BF-ibu rawksss!!

Mama Zharfan said...

salam...tq ibu eiymann..yup BF rocks!!!! widget follower..emm..tak sure plak nak letak mcm mana...;)

Zimah said...

nice entry..creative..
good luck yer..


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