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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with TOYS Contest

MomBloggersPlanet is having its third month round of the cutest baby contest<--me having been passionately joining the contests..all rounds without fail…no luck yet...but very tough competition indeed..

For August, the theme is “Cutest Baby with TOY(S)”.
Today is the last day to join the contest..hoho…me having no time to snap pics of my lil Ariff with his fav toys…until today…the very last minute lor…

Well….this Cutest Baby Photo Contest lasts until December, with different theme every month. The prizes are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

For the purpose of the contest, here is the details of my baby boy:

Date of birth : 15th April 2009

The following are some of the pics I managed to snap, adhering to the theme cutest baby with toys..

For this month’s contest requirement, I’ve to write about the TOYS in the picture & my opinion about the usage of TOYS in early childhood learning..

The toy in the picture is one of Ariff fav…wrist rattle which is in bright red soft ladybird (I bought it at one of the booth during Sarakids mini open day;)…he seems to enjoy it when I put it on his wrist…I guess because of the rattling soft noise & the bright colour.

At this 4 months age…the best toys for lil baby like Ariff varies from rattles, teether, cloth book, baby mirror, and the like…

I strongly believe that the toys that I buy today will influence my baby's later adult life (--> that explains why my boy Zharfan has a toy room…his Mama loves buying toys for him and now for lil Ariff :p)

As we all know, till the age of about two months, a baby doesn’t do very much. All he’s interested in is sleeping and eating. Yeahh..that’s my lil Ariff expertise :p

As my Ariff reaches 4 months (which is today!!!), he’s already having interest in toys….Ariff is now expert in moving his arms and legs firmly…yess…the perfect time to introduce him to the world of toys!!! As a matter of fact, toys should be part of the environment our baby lives in. Both as decorative objects in the room, to create that unique childish atmosphere and as educational tools.<--I always stress and very particular on the educational part of the toys..

This is the sum-up of what is the best toys for lil babies like Ariff (I’ve been googling around for the info..which gives me zillion of result hits on google!!)

  • Brightly colored toy blocks
  • Animal shaped soft toys
  • Little mirrors that can’t injure
  • Teething toys
  • Musical toys (with soft noise)

A baby at Ariff’s age tends to bring everything to his mouth--> That is a good thing…it’s just a way of learning thru exploration for lil baby…to get to know new things in their life…

So as a mother, I always make sure all toys are clean and made of a soft material that will help strengthen the teeth.

Hence, to make it short….I always look for the most fun (and developmentally appropriate) toys for my lil Ariff (and my Zharfan) too, plus to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.
(TIPS: guiding/recommended age on toys box can be very useful, hence the toy would be best suited to our babies according to the recommended age)

INDEED, toys are fantastic start to a life full of fulfillments!!!(but not to the extent of burning a hole in papa/mama’s pocket lor..) :p

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
12.20 noon
~home sweet home~

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