Tuesday 6 September 2016

Somebody is celebrating a birthday today

..none other than my other half!..

happy birthday dear Mr Hubby a.k.a En Rohisham @papa for my kids
may Allah bless u with all the best things in life..
moga diberi kesihatan, dipanjangkan usia utk melihat our kids grow up..
dimurahkan rezeki yg melimpah ruah
and may the blessings of Him be upon us always..
thanks for being part of my life..

ari tu dh celebrate pre-bday kat PD..weolls had bbq dinner @Corus Paradise..siyes sgt sedap laaa all the food..memang weolls enjoy the food and the precios moments together..mkn kat open space dekat2 dgn pantai

some random pics..

i think i need a gopro...pyh nak capture selfie pics of 5 of us hahahha

besday present lom bg...last year lg iphone6s (menang contest hehhehe)
this year lom ada idea nak bg apa...surprise surprise!!

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