Friday, 3 July 2009

:..HOT MAMA CONTEST..: @mummy qis' blog

Mummy Qis is having a contest which runs until 7th July '09--> Hot Mama Contest!!! in conjunction with her upcoming 2nd wedding anniversary..

The contest is kind of unique...obviously opened to those who can furnish their hot pic when they were/are 'preggy'..

Let's check out what the rules :

"1. jd follower mummy qis
2. sila add banner di atas pada sidebar ye..
3. buat special entry utk contest ini dan sertakn sekali picture mommy dgn perot nye...
4. link kn blog mummy qis
. sila tinggalkn komen bila dh siapkn entry ye..."

And the PRIZE IS....
"-->hadiah menarik berupa telekung bersulam menanti anda...."

After digging out my picture folder...I've decided to choose the following 2 pics...not sure whether hot enough or not..but my tummy is very obviously big like balloon in these pics :p

Both pics were taken when I was about 7 months pregnant (my 2nd pregnancy) - that was in January & February this year; the first pic was snapped when I was having a weekend break at Cameron Highlands, while the second pic was taken during holiday at AFamosa Resort Malacca...and I've gained a total of 15 kgs thruout the whole pregnancy..ouch...very2 tough to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight lor...

To Mummy Qis, Happy 2nd Anniversary...May Allah shower His blessings in your marriage..till your last breath..
and if there's rezeki for me to win the lovely'telekung bersulam', I thank you in advance ;)
---> the prize may look like in the above pic (I googled the pic :p) sweet & nice...please God, make me win this...Ameen..

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.55 pm
~home sweet home~


cintaKusayangMu said...

ok..done....tq ye sudi join contest yg mummy qis anjurkn..good luck...

Mama Zharfan said...

tq mummy qis!! :)


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