Thursday 9 July 2009

Why I'm so happy today :)

Alhamdulillah, many good things happen to me it's truly "mile of smiles"!!!!

In the morning, I received a parcel...yess...finally my much awaited gift (the one I won from a blog contest) from Mama Lieya reached my hands..and it's a lovely tupperwares - in baby blue colour<--one of my fav colours!!! Thanks a bunch Mama Lieya for such a pleasant gift! This is my first ever own collection of Tupperware (all this while I got it (borrow/hijack) from my sis :p)
Then, one of my colleagues name Kak Chik (Dr NorAsiah) gave some gift for my lil Ariff- few pairs of baby wear and a soft baby toy (a lil ball). Then, I received a call from Bank Muamalat, informing that my personal loan's offer letter is now ready for signing <-- I have to apply for this loan for the purpose of applying dependants visa for my hubby and 2 boys - a kind of financial evidence to be able to survive in UK..

In the afternoon, I went to Bank Rakyat Selayang to collect a gift (a fitness bag- look like a travel bag which is quite nice ;)) that I won from a contest in majalah Harmoni (album keluarga section).
Finally, when I reached home, there's a letter in my post box. it's from Sealer (baby diaper) giving lil souvenir in the form of RM10 coupon/voucher and a baby thermometer.

Thanks God, Alhamdulillah for all the lil sweet things that You give me today...praying for more luck and rezeki for the days to come, Insya Allah...

note : my buddy comper, ayuarjuna has won Grand Prize for drypers contest- she won 6 months supply of drypers plus RM1K shopping voucher!! She's simply amazing, a master comper<--inspires me to win more and bigger, Insya Allah.

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.40 pm
~home sweet home~


Farah said...

waahh mmg tersenyum jelaa...byk btul dapat hadiahh..rezeki murah!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

suzie...i really proud of you..can managed well your time between work, being a phd student and a good mom...

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Bestnyer! Faham u tersenyum lebar today..rasa cam floating in the air, kan, kan? :P


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