Friday, 31 July 2009


Cik As @ Tote Boutique is currently having an exciting giveaway...
and the prize is..
yup! very enticing and super lovely ;)

How to join? Very easy..Let's check it out!
"1. Beri komen tentang bag nih .. cute ker, tak cute ker, ribbon tak sesuai ke & macam2 lagi
-->My comment: The bag is soooo sweet & being a bag's in my fav colour & design, plus I love the floral pattern and the ribbon too!!! To sum up...I wanna win this BAG!!!

2. lepas tu buat entry dan ruar2kan tentang giveaway nih
--> now doing ni...hehehe

3. beritahu saya link anda tentang Giveaway ini

4. pemilihan RANDOM ORG lah kan .. macam biasa"
-->this is the toughest part, since no luck yet with this MrRandomOrg...who knows, got better luck and rezeki for me this time...Amiin...

So to Cik As @ ToteBoutique, thanks for having the giveaway!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
11.20 am
~my cozy office~

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