Sunday 5 July 2009

My Cheeky Boo Giveaway!!

MYCHEEKYBOO??? what is that???

--> as cheeky and cute as the name is!!

Yup..another e-shopping simply can find everything here for your cheeky one!

The items offered range from :

Cloth diapers, baby slings/pouches, diapering accessories, ‘cloth mama’, kids apparel, natural soaps, bento accessories and the like.

Let's check out some of the pictures of the enchanting items for your adorable, cheeky one!

When I surf thru the blog, there are few stuff that caught my attention; kind of UNIQUE items made available by CheekyBoo.

-->Baby Wombie Ring Sling

The designs are all created by a lovely Malaysian mom - Dr Jamie Khoo Each and every piece are unique and normally have no repeats. Even if they do, you wont get the same pattern/colours. They will only look alike, but not the same. So you can be sure to have a baby ring sling that is your very own.

-->Natural Soaps

"What is 'Cold Crafted' Natural Soap?
The Cold Crafted method of creating luxury soap products is a time honored traditional practice of soapcrafting that takes fresh, specially chosen flower and plant oils, gently warmed to their natural melting points, and then slowly mixes them with an alkaline solution. As the mixture thickens and cools pure essential oils, flower extracts and other beneficial ingredients are added to produce a final product that is as magical in appearance and scent as it is gentle to the skin. Because no additonal heat is applied once the oils have been melted this unique method of soapcrafting is often called the `Cold Crafted' process or 'Cold Process' soap."

Another good news is that...MyCheekyBoo is currently running a conjunction with its launching.

And the prize is attractive too!

-->gift voucher of RM 20 to shop at My Cheeky Boo to 3 lucky winners.

How to enter this give away?

  • Create an account / register with us at (1 entry)
  • Subscribe to My Cheeky Boo's mailing list (1 entry)
  • If you're a blogger, blog about us. (3 entries)
And no purchases are required. If you do all the above, and you'll have total of 5 entries in winning this give away!

To Bonnie @ Wannie, all the best in your e-biz, and many2 thanks for the giveaway!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
4.35 pm
~home sweet home~

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