Saturday 25 September 2010

Bella Enveeus-- any good reasons why should I envy her?

~Bella Enveeus and me..~

she's am I
she's a am I
she's against animal am I
she's against child abuse..yes, so am I
she despises child dumping..can't agree more
she loves to be pampered at nice.. me love spa too
she drives her own too!
She loves shoeholic too!
She likes National Geographic Channel..that's also my fav!
She loves watching Art do I!
she loves fiction do I..whenever I have time to do so
she enjoys fun do I!

I envy her for..

  • she has just won herself one thousand ringgit malaysia in F&N Drink Drink  Win Contest.
  • she's got a special bday gift from her auntie..a limited edition of White Linen Estee Lauder Perfume Body Powder
  • she has got her 1st nuffnang cheque in August - 2 months after blogging..and me yet to cash out my nuffnang
  • she still has a man called 'Abah'..but me lost my 'Ayah' last year

I admire her for..

she's a passionate, talented writer--read her blog and u'll agree with me!
she's a cat sweet dear! so sorry for.. u've just lost ur 'Baby' the cat u adore
she's keen in e-biz...bravo and keep up the good work yeah
she's got creative fingers-- check out her lovely works HERE!
she blogs in full English..and able to maintain it that way..I wish I could do so ( believe me..I did start blogging in English, but now my blog becomes rojak with all sort of manglish!)
she can play piano too! heyy..not many gals have this skill--u are so lucky indeed!

and that's not all
the most exciting part
- she's having a generous giveaway..RM200 at stake babe!!!--->>for which I'm cracking my head for this entry
BUT....the x-file part ....
she remains a mysterious lady - a masked girl I may say
...and for me--that's truly her unique identity!


cikpia said...

good luck sist!!!!

tiefazatie said...

gewd luck sis!me pun dh bookmark tp xbuat2 nie..hihi..xde idea..huhu

missrivebell mumun said...

Good Luck..

Unknown said...

Kreatif sangat!!

nur said...

good luck.. boleh menang ni..

sal ya said...

menang!!! yeay... hehehe...
rasa macam nak join...
tapi mood malas dah datang la...


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