Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Contest Sayang Adik By AM Collection

me joining the above contest, due 30 sept.

to join, click HERE!!

here is my pic entry..

in this pic my eldest son, Zharfan, with his lil bro, Ariff
ni pic masa lil Ariff kecik lagi (Ariff umur 4 bln masa me pic ni dirakamkan).. 
Zharfan sgt excited dpt adik..suka sgt kiss pipi and dahi adik...
sbb umur 4 thn baru dpt adik, so Zharfan dh paham and in fact, dia yg request nak adik, so that he can have a friend to play with..
ni antara my fav pic..
me suka tgk pic ni coz these moments are heart-melting moments for me, being a mommy to my 2 boys :)


Anonymous said...

good luck

liyana said...

ariff dh besar..sgt chomel kak.. dulu jupe dlm perot lg..hehe

ibuayu said...

cantik pic ni


Terima kasih sudi join contest... Utk makluman, tarikh tutup contest telah dilanjutkan sehingga 30 Oct 2010...
Nnt tlg tambah my blog kat senarai blog list ya... thanks... :)


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