Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My sydney holiday | #1 Perjalanan bermula

alkisahnya thn lps MZ menang travel warrant valued RM5k from Barbie contest...kena travel to with RM5k value, MZ dpt redeem 4 AA flight tickets..MZ top up duit to buy another 2 tickets...the price for each tickets roughly RM1600 all in (for return tixs)...altogether MZ lil family 5 paxs, plus my mom, jd 6 paxs..

then my niece pun join jugak and my sister hanim and her 2 our group is 10 paxs

so utk 1st entry of series cuti2 sydney ni just nak tepek gmbr2 packing brg dan gmbr2 kat KLIA2 jer..gmbr not in sequence order sbb MZ upload pics from wasup 1st (low reso), pics from samsung j7 and then baru tepek pics high reso from canon eos m10

packing in process...

pic part of mknn yg MZ beli sbb family MZ berkumpul ramai2 sblm MZ bertolak ke sydney..not in pic is sate kajang samuri...seronok dpt mkn ramai2..mcm mini kenduri gitu


 done packing!! ni luggage utk family MZ ajer..lom masuk luggage my mom and my niece

ni pics beramai2 kat the pic also nizar & family yg dtg antar MZ kat airport, also my elder sis (K.suzana) nephew aqim not in this pic sbb dia yg jd photoG

 ni plak wefie by my nephew (aqim)

posing2 beramai2 sblm masuk departure hall

  selfie sementara queue utk check-in 

 my lil family pose sblm fly..theme kaler biru/denim..gmbr gelap/not clear...much clearer version later from my dslr

  sbb gmbr tak ikut selfie bila dh dlm flight..AA-X D7222

 MZ & chenta hati MZ

ok now nak tepek pic from my canon dslr plak..all pics are without editing (tak kuasa nak edit2 hahahha)

another pose kat airport...sbb it took long time to setel check in 7 pax in our group

 mr hubby layankan ajer MZ nak posing2 :p

ok done check-in all the luggage,,tinggal hand-carry jer..ariff tgh mkn lolipop

 much clearer picture..posing ber5 sblm masuk departure 3 boys pakai long sleeve tshort sedondon (brand padini beli kat AEON OU)--pyh nak cari tee sedondon 3 beradik ni

muka2 excited nak pegi holiday obersea horeyyyy

 posing sambil jalan kaki pergi gate Q8

nilah gatenya...our flight is scheduled at delayed for one hour ++ sbb ada sorang passenger sakit and terpaksa turun dari flight just few minutes before taking sgt2 lah lama sbb kena cari balik his luggage...what an unfortunate day...penat la bila flight delay :(

pic onboard..MZ dok dgn razeen and my no row 36

wanie, mr hubby and our boys..

next entry...story from the moment we reached sydney airport...


AzianKhalil said...

seronoknya dapat bercuti dengan family..lebih2 lagi dpt bawa mak

Ezna Ahmad Khalili said...

Seronok cuti ramai2 ni....macam i bercuti ramai2 kat Tanah Aina...


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