Thursday 1 March 2018

Reading this makes me smile ;)

every semester students kena isi online feedback form which is called SFS ie Students Feedback Survey

MZ suka baca komen2 students -- so that I can improve my weaknesses in teaching/lecturing..
most common comments yg selalu MZ dpt ialah  psl MZ ajar too fast..errr kdg2 tak sedar or beyond control..memang style berckp gitu and in a hurry nak habiskan syllabus ikut timing kan..

antara highest marks yg MZ dpt ni (so far dh almost 14 years MZ kat uia termasuk almost 4 years MZ on study leave time buat phd)...
my score last sem.....fuhh 96.09% too--TQ my dear students!!!



Hans Hanis said...

bagus student sayang tu

Ezna Khalili said...

Kalau 96 tu dah A u....tahniab Suzz....


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