Saturday 31 March 2018

Some lil goodies for Jan, Feb & March 2018

~for personal record and future reference only~

(1) dpt conso prize (2x) from panasonic wasup contest (notified on 8/1/18), vouchers received on 19/1/18

(2) murah rezeki dpt mcm2 skincare from Blu Inc(contest bln Dec, result mid Jan)

~Comfort Zone from MWW~

~Bioderma from MWW~

~The Body Shop from Eh!~

~Clinelle from Shape~

~Cellnique from Eh!~

~Cellnique from Her World~

~Clinelle from Her World~

nama MZ sangkut hadiah jelita daily dpt hadiah misteri...(result was up on 25th jan).lom dpt email pun lg ni

(3) alhamdulillah telur 2018 akhirnya pecah on 16th hubby dpt call menang 2nd prize utk contest p&g @guardian...dpt drone..uniknya hadiah hehhe
actually ada citer sedey di sebalik hadiah ni..
mr hubby dpt GP tp tak leh nak pergi sbb tnc fixed date ie kena fly in hubby tak dpt cuti sbb dh plan cuti utk sydney (bln march) kena let go and amik drone ajerlah instead of GP..sedeyyyy sgt2 tp redho ajerlah...contest p&g memang strict tnc nya tak mcm contest2 yg lain

anyway dh selamat pun terima dronenya on 7/2/18, retail price drone tu RM1799

(4) nama  mr hubby dpt conso contest colgate tabung pendidikan (pusingan A)..hadiah cash RM100--balik modal pop jer..better than nothing :)
dh selamat terima pun hadiahnya

(5) nama MZ sangkut conso contest sofy..kuciwa tak dpt GP sob sob..dh selamat terima and selamat donate hahaha sbb MZ prefer yg normal bkn yg nite version/thickness

(6) both MZ and hubby sangkut as winners utk contest masterfood @village grocer...hadiah dining voucher...dpt call on 24th Jan tp prize collection on 26th Feb..nak kena gi collect vou ni

(7) nama mr hubby sangkut as one of winners utk contest DL @mydin (actually dh dpt hadiah utk weekly prize, rupa2nya dpt gak utk hadiah travel voucher RM500 ie 1st prize), alhamdulillah (call received on 29/1/18
dh selamat redeem/guna voucher ni utk check-in royal chulan the curve on 24/2/18

(8) terpilih as winners (2x) utk contest homesoy movie night (village grocer)..dpt call on 29/1/18..hadiahnya tix movie utk family (2 adult 2 kids)..dh selamat pun terima tixnya on 6/2/18
dh selamat guna (separuh) utk tgk movie black panther..lg separuh plan nak guna utk tgk movie fatah amin(kl special force)


utk feb...ada 2 jer winnings...
1st winning ie telur pecah on 9hb..
(1) menang thomas town/hello kitty tickets from contest lady's choice..dh selamat terima and dh selamat let go murah2

(2) menang picnic table & basket from contest coke @mynews..dpt wasup on 12/2/18
dh selamat terima hadiahnya on 26 and 27 feb..meja tu memang sgt nice and praktikal gitu..basket tu bila lipat2 jd kecik jerrrr


telur utk March pecah awal..1st march lagi hehhee
(1) sangkut conso prize - voucher RM100 utk contest colgate natural @giant. contest & notification via wasup

(2) then sangkut conso prize utk contest mamy poko--dpt stok mamy poko (dpt 4 packs MP airfit--mahal gak harga around RM60 per pack)..result kat fb mamy poko released on 2/3/18

(3) ada gak rezeki dari blu inc utk bln ni...utk bln feb (result 15 mac)..dpt product belif from herworld

dan dpt gak under jelita web promo..product eversoft

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