Sunday, 28 June 2009

Being a "bagholic"...

Yup, that's me...I love bags...ever since I was in campus years..those days..
and even now, the love has never changed, except that it grows stronger :p

So here is some of my latest bags that I have managed to get hold and being part of my bagssss collection :)

Yesss.. I have bought my first bag from was last week :) I was attracted to the colourful, floral design, and the bag is just nice to put in all my doxs!!

My other new bag ie a SLING BAG is the one I bought online from Gin&Jacqie website!! and that was 2 weeks ago :p I love this slingy as for me it is safer to carry it around, and of course I fell in love with the colorful, floral design too!!

My other beloved daily bag is Mother & Baby Tote Bag - Simple Dimple Brand (this one I won from a contest by Mother&Baby mag couple of months ago) I bring my lil Arif around, so is this bag put in his diapers, baby wear, wet-tissue and the like.

My other bag to put in my dox is the one in black colour, this one I got it for free being a member of Alamanda shopping centre ...well, the bag has been with me since I came back from UK last year..

And last but not least, AVENT thermal bag, this one I bought in Notts, cute in design, just nice to hold 2 bottles of milk, one for my lil Ariff and one bottle for my Zharfan too...

I might fall in love with some other bags long it is not too pricey then should be ok...after all the hardwork..that would be the lovely way of rewarding yourself ;)

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
8.20 am
~home weet home~

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AliceWonders said...

Hi there!

You must really love floral designs! We are proud to be part of your beautiful bag collections ;)

Enjoy your new bag and hope to see you in our wonderland soon!



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