Saturday, 20 June 2009

MOBS & ALICE WONDERS : Giveaway Contest - Win a bag of your choice!

MOBS- Malaysian Online Baby Shops & Alice Wonders are currently having an exciting GIVEAWAY CONTEST !!!

-->Contest Period : 16th June till 23rd June 2009

So how to WIN the bag of your choice??
Here is the way:

"1. Leave a COMMENT with "Me need a bag because...."
2. Choose a bag from Alice Wonders website at
3. Don't forget to include your email address

... simple 3-steps and you are in the run of winning your choice of bag !! :)
Simple right?"

Apparently this is my another attempt to win a bag from AliceWonders (so far no luck yet..huhuhu..)

Me need a bag because...HEYY COME ON! who doesn't need a FREE bag anyway!..and me being a 'bagholic', a bag means everything!!! -->EAT beg, DRINK bag, SLEEP bag.. plus a bag from AliceWonders is the '8th wonders' in the world (<--the world of a 'bagholic' like me!), last but not least, a bag is the perfect gift for my upcoming 5th wedding anniversary next month!!

The fun part...yess..choosing the bag of my dream from AliceWonders site..
None other than this........'s Lovemarks Pink Patchwork Genuine Leather Sling Bag!!!
""Made from love..."

- Colors: Pink, Blue, Brown
- Design inspired by Coach-->AWESOME!
- Handmade from genuine leather patches-->FABULOUS!!
- Detachable and adjustable long sling strap-->GREAT!!
- Top zipped. Interior with 2 inner pockets--> PERFECT FOR A STYLISH ME!!
- Additional buttoned front pocket--> LOVELY ENOUGH!!!!"

Now me starting to dream winning the above pink sling bag...
OOO please MOBS & ALICEWONDERS make my dream comes true, forever I would be your loyal supporter, customer, die-hard fan too!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
11.45 am


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