Tuesday 9 June 2009


Obviously, this entry is for the above contest, organized by Mama Tisya.

The photo entry for the contest is.....TARAAAA

Daddy’s name is Rohisham Mamat, and the son’s name is Ahmad Zharfan Shah. Zharfan is now 4 years old (born on 24th May 2005)

The above photo is selected as it was one of the rare chances where I managed to snap daddy-and-son sweet moment.. (Daddy is camera-shy, as opposed to Mommy who is camera-the-very-friendly) The three of us love pizza, so the photo was taken in 2007 when Zharfan was 1 year old plus, during one of our eating-out at Pizza Hut at The Mines Shopping Fair. I would think this photo is the perfect one to reflect daddy-son’s love and special bonding…and…yummy..yess, the mushroom soup is undeniably delectable! :p

For the upcoming Father’s Day, I plan to have a day-out at one of my hubby’s favourite spots..I’ll let him choose lor :p ..

Ok, the contest is running until 10th June, so those interested, feel free to check the rules and regulations at Mama Tisya’s blog yer! The prizes offered are pretty attractive too--> something from PIERRE CARDIN!!!!

Good luck to all contestants (sooo many many many...!) and I pray that my two heroes (Zharfan & Daddy) will shine in the winners’ list, Amiin…

Till then,
Mama Ariff & Zharfan
9.15 pm

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