Tuesday 9 June 2009

Blissful May..

Soooo excited to win and receive quite a number of lovely prizes last month :)

1) The one I like MOST is the photoshoot session by FREEZE, won from Intrend Mag – Feb issue –the Valentine promo. The prize which is the Grand Prize is worth RM2800!!! I always love taking pics, especially studio pics or photoshoot by professional photographer, so winning this prize is sooo overwhelming!! Now got to think for the right date/time for the photoshoot, as the prize is valid till August.

2) The other prize that I love most is STAGE hamper + make over voucher worth RM436 won from Cosmopolitan mag – April issue. So eager to try out this particular brand of make-up :P They were the sponsor for the previous Anugerah Juara Lagu.

3) This is the conso prizes won from the Star/Palmer Mother’s Day contest. The Palmer hamper is worth RM200, plus the SPA voucher from Body Contours worth RM180. My friend Ezna attended the prize-giving at the Menara Star last Friday and she has kindly collected the prizes for me.

4) I also won 2 sets of Staedtler stationery + Dunkin Donut voucher from Buena Vista in the Pink Panther 2 Contest (one from the Sun paper first time me winning contest in The Sun and another from Utusan Malaysia).

5) This is the diary and make-up mirror won from cinemaonline contest in the promo Confessions of Shopalics.

6) Also received GUA goodie bag from Sha of emenang.com, as the conso prizes in emenang.com 2nd anniversary contest.

7) Opt-free contact lense solution + products worth RM100 won from Intrend – March issue.

8) Supastrikas conso prizes (this time winning another 2 conso prizes), last time won one same prize already.. :P

Thanks Allah for Your bounty and rezeki..thanks Ezna and Ayu for collecting some of the prizes for me, and prayfully I would win more exciting and lucrative prizes!! Amiin..

Till then,
Mama Ariff & Zharfan
1.05 pm


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

speechless...tabik tabik suzie..u're really "sifu"..congrats ya

Anonymous said...

wah banyaknyer hadiah..bestnyer and jeles! :) nak link blog nie bole?


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