Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm back!!!

I arrived at KLIA at 1 pm yesterday, with my 2 boys...Travelling with two kids without helper is not that easy..anyway, my husband was waiting for us at KLIA.

There was some promo/giveaways by MATB/MAS staff when I arrived at KLIA, so I got 4 pcs of lovely sweet souvenirs from them!!!

So, my normal life resumes now, but still in the process of settling down with my lil Ariff - the BIG problem is, Ariff has yet to get a place in IIUm Educare, and I couldn't find other places as yet to place him for care...PENING to write my thesis now???

~Mama Ariff & Zharfan~
3rd june 09, 10.30 am

1 comment:

ummufawwaz said...

yuuuuhuu sis..balik kl keje dah ye..


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