Monday, 29 June 2009

*KedaiChomel Giveaway*

Yess...another giveaway!!!!!!!! *over-excited mode

KedaiChomel (i love the name! soo CHOMEL!) is currently having a giveaway, which will end midnight of 5th July '09.

The prize is sooo tempting -->
Jusco Shopping Vouchers!! [gimme, gimme, gimme that vouchers :p me drooling oredi ]

So how to win these vouchers yer??

The unique feature of this giveaway is.....
-->no need to be KedaiChomel follower ,no voting system, no need to put KedaiChomel link in ur blog :)

  • You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above
  • After posting about the giveaway, come back here and leave a comment with the link to your blog about the post
  • The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a Jusco Shopping Voucher, and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
  • The winner will win Jusco Shopping Vouchers (included in the voucher booklet are free make over with Shiseido and RM50 Hush Puppies Voucher) and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
  • the voucher are valid until 31st July 2009.
Best of luck to those entering this giveaway (including me!!!)
Can start praying now to win :) and many2 thanks to anas fadilah for this fabulous giveaway!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
10.30 am
~home sweet home~

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