Sunday 15 November 2009

Birthday bash - Puteri Syasya Adalea Sarakids

I love attending bday party ;) and I was excited (so was my Zharfan) to receive Farah's invitation which was kindly forwarded to me by my friend, Ezna.

It was a fun, colourful bday bash...with lovely picture cake ( cute cupcakes too) for the bday princess ;) o yess, the food is yummy as usual (I love KFC hehhe ;)

Let's cuci mata with some of the pics snapped during the bday ;)

Me & Farah <-- she's soooo slim now!!! Jeles2, I got to go on crash diet ni...

Ezna & Ariff :)

My Zharfan & Dania (ezna's daughter)

my younger bro, nizar, his wife emy & their lil sweetheart irham faris --> tq for coming along (me tumpang their car heheheeh)

To Puteri Syasya Adalea, Happy 1st Bday!!!

~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~


Unknown said...

kak suzie: i've put on weight ler.. hehe.. tak nmpk ke pakai baju putih tu nmpk lagi lebar.. hehe.. anyway thanks for coming sis! me geram arif!!! nak cubit pipi dia..

Mama Zharfan said...

ala farah...nampak slim ajer...tak nampak pun gained weight ;) serius...u look slim & anggun gitu ;)


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