Monday 30 November 2009

Zharfan @ Ben-10 live stage show - KL Convention Centre

Yesterday, we had our family fun outing to KLCC...because my Zharfan is attending the live stage show of Ben -10 at KL Convention Centre.

The show was at 2 pm, so we jalan2 at KLCC first- we arrived there around 11 am...
me sempat grab 2 helai blouses at Isetan :p...what to is on...the blouses are nice, and got 50% discount...indeed...buying new clothes is a magical retail teraphhy for me :p...
always on the excuse that me need lots of new clothes sbb nanti nak pegi UK, nak amik nice photos byk2 ;)

Then we all jalan2 cuci mata kat Marks & Spencer (sajer jer...nak compare price with that in UK...coz abundant of M&S kat UK) and ...also my boys tgk2 toys @Toys R Us...
oh yess...sempat jugak my boys naik ride on..first time I let Ariff onto the ride-on, with Zharfan holding his lil bro ;)

Anyway...Zharfan went into the plenary hall to watch the Ben-10 show with papa, coz we only had 2 complimentary tixs..after all babies like Ariff is not allowed into the hall..
oh yess...there was large crowd...berpusu2 entering the hall to watch the show...huh...KL folks memang banyak duit, as the tixs are not cheap...

while waiting for them outside the hall..I went to jalan2 ronda2 KLCC, pushing Ariff who was sleeping in the sempat in-out to Mothercare, Parkson, Poney, Watson (beli vit-C for Zharfan)..well...year-end-sale is now KLCC was packed with tourists and local people of course...nak masuk toilet pun kan longggg q, nak masuk baby room for Ariff nappy change pun ramai giller org...*sigh

After the show was over, we had our meal at Nandos (our fav!) eating out is convenient for us coz Ariff dah pandai duduk dlm baby tak kacau Mama makan hehehe

Parking at KLCC is not for that couple of hours we parked there(KLCC basement parking), we were charged in KL is all about money money money...

Finally reached home at 6.30 pm..

~Mama Zharfan~

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