Sunday 8 November 2009

MsCraft Giveaway...

wah...lots of giveaways..mushrooming...mcm cendawan tumbuh plak ;)

let's check out the above giveaway by MsCraft...

"MsCraft akan mengadakan giveaway khas utk semua pengunjung blog .. Ada beberapa hadiah & MYSTERY gift menanti anda.. all these gifts are made with LOVE.. Berikut adalah syarat2 bg menyertai giveaway ini..

1. Leave your comments abt our website, service & products... & u can give suggestions abt product/service/ class that u like to have in future...

my comment :
services and products offered my MsCraft are so unique, lovely & reasonably priced. I guess not so much competition (in comparison to blogs selling baby stuff for example, which are soooo abundant!) Keep it up yer!

My lil suggestion:
perhaps can have more aggresive promotion to promo ur e-biz...anyway, having giveaway like this is one of the good ways! may be can join expo/nooths/ bazars too!

2. Make a post abt this giveaway at yr blog..

This giveaway will be ended on 12pm 111109.. Nama pemenang akan diumumkan pada 121109. "

Ok done!


Mama Zharfan

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