Thursday, 5 November 2009

7-Eleven Prize Giving

I attended 7-11 prize giving ceremony on Tuesday morning (3rd Nov), held at Changan showroom at PJ(Era car distributor).
my zharfan came along ;) It was scheduled to start at 10 am, but of course nothing on the dot, so it actually started at 10.20 am.

I arrived pretty early (9.30 am, to avoid being stuck in traffic jam)...while waiting for the ceremony to kick off, I had a chit-chat with the wife of the GP winner, Lela (beautiful lady, awet muda too)...she disclosed to me that this is actually the 2nd time she and her hubby won a car, the first time was in Petronas contest (5oth Merdeka promo)o yess, her hubby sent 5 sms entries to win this GP...hohoho...sooo lucky & expert in slogan I believe...well...another pro-comper apparently!!

I also had a chat with TunkuBadly's mom (well, Tbad is a member of forum)...

So let's layan some of the pics during the short prize-giving event ;)

Me posing with Irene, a rep from Singer Msia.
Me showing off my Singer voucher ;)

TBad, receiving his RM1K Borders voucher

This is the GP winner -En Zakaria bin Mohamed. Bestnya memang kereta (MPV actually, brand Era)...praying for my turn and rezeki to win a car sweet day, Insya Allah..Ameen...

Happy, grateful me,
Mama Zharfan


Pija Madzlan said...

Congrates!!! Wahahaaa....sangat best dapat hadiah mcm ni...5k lak tu....

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks sitisifir...rezeki my kids...just the right time sbb memang nak beli mesin basuh baru pun ;)

nur said...

baca entri kemenangan.. bertuahnye mz ye


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