Wednesday 25 November 2009

Feeling lucky today......

Feeling blessed and LUCKY today ......

-->I won FIRST PRIZE (via lucky draw) in mysunshine2u giveaway ;)!!

Now eagerly awaiting the prize - my first ever Bento for my Zharfan!!
Anyway, I pray that mysunshine2u (Ms Zarina)'s noble effort of helping RTAR would be rewarded by Allah..Amiin...

o yess...another reason why I'm feeling lucky today...

HayatiZain @ has been very kind to give the conso prizes to all the participants who joined her contest (me one of the contestants) in "let's get organised giveaway'-
the prize is lovely too-->2 pcs of Large Square Away from Dinitupperwarekiosk. I love Tupperware brand sooo the prize is so sweet...can add to my Tupperware collection ;)

Thanks yer hayatizain & Ms Zarina Semuri..
Nice knowing u all in blogsphere ;)
"blogging is now sweeter and much more rewarding too!"

lucky me,
Mama Zharfan

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