Friday 26 February 2010

2 months really flies..

Day in day has been 2 months now me & family living here in in a foreign country, far away from homeland ...of course has its challenges, other than new experiences ..

One of the main challenges is none other than financial matters, as my family doesn't get allowance from govt (me under split-phd programme, so only entitled to personal allowance for me only)..we really struggle to make the end meet...
tempat keje hubby- a private luxury resort cum rest home for senior citizens

Alhamdulillah, with the blessings of Allah and rezeki of my kids,  Mr Hubby has started working since the last few days, as care assistant at the Belvoir Vale Residential Rest Home, which is located about 20 min-drive from our house. At least hubby's income can cover groceries expenses, and if ada rezeki lebih, we hope to visit some places here in Europe (me wanna go to France, and hubby wanna go to Spain :p)
some of the trips in my wish list - the trips are under Perantau Holidays

So far, sempat la bwk my Zharfan naik tram once ie jln2 kat city, sempat naik double decker bus couple of time - he's so excited about this ;)
and sempat jugak pegi window-shopping at Toys R Us near Derby, which is a very large toys store - Zharfan dh siap tanda which toys he wanna buy, especially a Ben-10 bike...I said to him, "tunggu papa keje and dpt gaji ok" ;)

Me praying hard so that everything will be smooth, esp my study which is the main and only reason I'm here we have 7 remaining months to live our life the fullest perhaps ;)

-mama zharfan-


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

be strong suzz..n good luck....moga dapat pulangan yang baik...n dapat pergi bercuti ke France (jeles ni huhu)

Ezna Khalili said...

Warghhhh best....(^o^)....insyaallah suzz...berkat together dengan family, kita bertambah kuat!!!!

sya said...

insyaallah kak, boleh smpi europe n spain tu :D ktrg ni pun setakat spain and paris je, yg lain2 tu xsempat + financial limited..haha.. lg la latip ni tgal bape bulan nk kena abiskan, pgsan nk struggle, mmg xleh kemana la jawabnya..huhu

BabyIntan said...

Waaa seronok dan jelesnya tgk uols kat sana...he he :D

Dulu my hubby even dpt allowance fr gov pon still buat kerja extra...hik hik...jadik cleaner!

Kengkawan dia kat sana pon mostly semuanya cleaner di mlm hari gak...cari fulus lebih for sopping (me loike g car boot sale) and jenjalan!


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