Tuesday 23 February 2010

Baby Crying Contest

I'm joining the above contest by Aulad Jannah, which runs till 28th Feb.

Here is my pic entry...

Baby's name : Ariff
Age : 10 months old
Age when the pic was tekan : 10 months old (-->this pic was snapped last 2 days!)
Lil bit about the pic : My Ariff was crying (nangis sesungguh hati ni...) because Mama paksa Ariff to pose whereas he didn't want to, coz it was extremely cold, snowy, wintry day...Mama biasalah, wanna capture Ariff's pic in sweetest pose...tp misi gagal nampaknyer ;)

to join this contest, click HERE!


Mama Zharfan

1 comment:

ibundo said...

haha.. ni kes kena paksa nangis lah ni.
good luck..


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