Sunday 7 February 2010

"My dream Photo shoot" [The Phat Diva Contest]

"An Ode to....My Dream Photo shoot"

P hotography at it’s best with Phat Diva!…my dream photoshoot is none other than to get my family pictures captured by sweet memories fade fast..with Phat Diva Mama they will forever last!

How to make my dream comes true?? Winning this giveaway is the answer…shots of a lifetime too!

An extravanganza of beautiful photos of babies, children and family…that best describes Phat Diva

Treasured moments captured in beautiful photos for remembrance…and I’d love to keep all the photos in a form of photobook (the cost is not that cheap though)…so high quality pictures are worth to be safekept in photobook…and pictures from Phat Diva would just make my photobook perfect!!

pic taken from google

Dreams do come true …my dream photoshoot is one of the best way of having a break from my hectic life being a working and studying mom…

Interesting huh… and superb pictures by PhatDiva - warm feelings and a smile on my face.. that’s what happens when I see fascinating photos! envy those pro-photographers like PhatDiva... having those skills...carrying DSLR around....sooo nice ;)..seeing is believing!.. can check her awesome works here <--pls click

Vivacious, enticing prize offered by Phat Diva in the giveawy- soooo hard to resist..but only ONE lucky winner will be chosen<--let it be ME then!!!

And last but not everything about PhatDiva...your works, your dedication, passion, skills, talents, and LOVE u definitely for generously having the giveaway!!


Mama Zharfan

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