Sunday 7 February 2010

our first trip to IKEA NOTTS ;)

we finally had our first trip to Ikea..of course with the help of our tomtom (satelite navigator)..

ikea notts is about 20 min-drive from our home..

nothing in particular to buy, just wanna have a look and survey2 of ikea notts collection ..
--> findings: 90% collections are the same with IKEA malaysia..price after conversion to RM more or less the same, except for certain items, lil bit cheaper ;) even after conversion, as the rate now is GBP1=RM5.60

so i bought some lil2 things for myself ie pink bedroom slippers, deco artificial flowers (i got an ikea vase from car boot-so now got to buy flowers :p), and a small cute ikea pillow.
o yess. sempat jugak join ikea friends ie become ikea members to get discounts, promo etc..
then we had a window-shopping at nearby shops ie Next (clothes) and Decathlon (selling sport stuff)

let's layan some of the pics..

-mama zharfan-


ms aziz said...

cantiknya bilik tidur....biru.....sweet sgt :)

alinalan said...

alahai best nye! suka ngan bantal corak2 tuh. tak berkesempatan jer nk beli di sini. hihi!!

Jemput join contest @ miakididdles yer!!

Ezna Khalili said...

Cantiknyer bedroom tu...agree with aimi.... :-)

Mama Zharfan said...

aimi+ezz - tu sajer jer I suruh Zharfan posing kat one of IKEA showroom

Momma Mia- hehhe memang cute bantal tu, tu pun sempat sambar satu ajer, harga dlm 1 pound lebih gak..


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