Saturday 27 February 2010

"Like Princess Photo Contest"

I'm joining the above contest by Funky Chic, which is due on 14th March..

Lil bit about Funky Chic --> an e-store for all those trendy and funky gals & ladies (that include mummies of course)..where some really lovely stuff are available for sale at an affordable price!

I really love the way the stuff sold there is named, like....funky luxury, funky victoria, funky lips, funky hosta, funky boxripe pashmina, funky stripes pashmina and shawl abstrak...indeed FUNKY!!
[i already fall in love with funky luxury and funky victoria!!]

kekurangan that I can see from the site...emm..nothing obvious...but I would love to see more choices of products sold here such as funky footwear, funky nightwear perhaps ;)

Full details of the contest are available HERE!


now my pic entry for the contest...

since more than one pic is allowed, so here are some of my pics in my best, favourite outfits!!

#the following outfits; they are for formal occasions like jamuan open house, kenduri etc
[note: click on the pic to see larger image]

#the following are  my all-time favourite outfit
pink dotted blouse - in pic, the event was my boy's birthday party

red kebaya with long pants - in pic, the event was anugerah hari ibu by karangkraf

floral long dress - this one free size/stretchable, so I wear it during normal weight and during preggy pun
in pic, the event was my friend's daughter ie Dania's bday party, and pic masa holiday kat cameron highlands

these following two colourful dress cum blouse are my favourite - wearing it masa leisure outings, holidays, even for prize-giving!

for this contest, i've to tag some blogger friends to join, so i wanna tag

-mama zharfan-


Funky Chic said...

hye dear..
thanx yea..
penyertaan anda diterima..
Term & Condition pon complete..

p/s:The best komen yg kami terima..
thanx a lot yea..

Ezna Khalili said...

Lor leh tag tag ehhhh???...


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