Friday 12 February 2010

Whizchini Shoppe Special Giveaway

Whizchini Shoppe is having a special giveaway for its customers and for new/potential customers.

here is my pic entry...

my baby's name : Ariff
age : 10 months old

why my baby should win the prize (ie CD)--> because my Ariff looks cute in CD, plus it helps mommy to save cost in long term, and together promoting greener environment too!

what do I know about Whizchini Shoppe--> an e-shoppe specializes in selling CD,cloth pads, ring sling,kids clothing, tupperware and shaklee(vit),
-->owned by the lovely owner cum biz-woman => Rini Shariff!

for details, click HERE!


-mama zharfan-

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