Tuesday 23 February 2010

Do you still remember your first day at school??

Yesterday was my Zharfan's first day at school -->Radford Primary School. (Before this, my Zharfan has been attending Radford Nursery/playschool while waiting to get a place in primary skool)..

Zharfan in his school uniform (white polo-shirt and blue black sweater/sweatshirt, plus black trousers)

Zharfan at the school entrance ..we are so lucky coz our rented house is just 5 minute walk from school ;)

This is where Zharfan hangs/put his coat/winter jacket

Zharfan poses in his class - since we arrived early on the first day - mama yg lebih2 semangat + excited ;)

Zharfan's classroom..

Zharfan is now in 'Reception Class' which is meant for 4-5 years old student. Year One is for students of 5 years old and above (kat msia standard one starts from 7 years old) so here 2 years earlier then..

o yess...balik dari skool pukul 3.30 (scholl hrs from 8.50 am - 3.30 pm), papa fetch zharfan..and zharfan got homework already ie reading task!! kena practice reading of two books lent by his teacher for him!!

-excited mummy-
mama zharfan

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FatinJelita said...

just now i comment zharfan toy day.. now tgk entry about him 1st day at school.. dis gonna be a priceless experience for him.. nanti balik malaysia bleh la anta dia kat international school.. confirm xde culture shock..


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