Tuesday, 3 February 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway: Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag

Handbags, shoulder bags, sling bags, backpacks – have always been my obsession (other than clothes and shoes of course! ;)

The brand Gin&Jacqie is one of my favourite local collection of bag. As at to-date, I have 2 bags (both are casual&travel bags) from this brand. My lil boy has been very excited to pose with my favourite bags ;)

TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA….Based on my personal experience and observation-as its founder claims, Gin & Jacqie bags are truthfully stylish and elegant in design, lovely and very much practical for everyday use. What I appreciate much more is the high quality of the material used, on top of the fact that the bags are very-very affordable – so it’s really a value buy!

The great news is that, BabyIbu and Gin & Jacqie is currently having a contest for the blog’s anniversary (congrats BabyIbu!! ;) , offering 3 lovely Gin&Jacqie bags as the prizes.

I wish and hope to win one of the 3 bags – my FAVOURITE would be ‘STYLISH ELAINE BABY BAG’!! for the foremost reason that I’m currently expecting my second child!! So if I win this bag, it’s gonna be well….a sweet complement to my new baby’s arrival this coming April. (…and a stylish baby bag is part of my wish list for my new baby 

On top of that, I’m very much attracted to the bag as black/dark colour is a a symbol of elegance. This is coupled with lovely, nice design for all Gin & Jacqie bags.

As Gin & Jacqie represents the brand of practicality and style, the bag of my choice is simply perfect for me, being a working mother!

All in all, winning a prize of my choice is a great excitement which is undescribable in words – at the same time, that would add to my personal collection of my precious, beloved bags!!!

Thanks BabyIbu for organizing this contest, and many thanks to Gin & Jacqie for being the kind sponsor of the prizes! Contest runs from now till 1st March 2009, so anyone interested to join, hurry up!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.55 pm
home sweet home


Jing Jing said...

xD...so cute!!!
why are u torturing your son to carry such big bag? Come, i lease his burden x}...

Bits said...

Hi, your son has been grown up so much! Welcome back!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

suzie...congrats...for your new coming new member...(hopefully girl)...

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

ops...baby boy...ke?....anyway...congrats...jugak..I baru baca ur...post new resolution..heheh

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks for the comments guy!
jing2, my son love to pose..one oh his hobbies (but of course when he is in good mood la..) remember he posed for VM-ipanema last time :)
ayu, my lil baby MAY BE a boy (ada nampak masa scan..tp still hoping for a girl ;) anyway, beli baju2 all in neutral colour, can't buy pink colour :p

larra said...

congrats for the upcoming baby and good luck!

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks larra!! ;)

zubye said...

he soooo grown up!! but his cheeky smile tu tetap sama...

thanks for your wonderful supports towards EOG dear :-) and thanks for the inpiring comment too..

jom kiter doa2 irfan will choose your name k!!

hehhe.. take care.. kiss kiss to Zharfan

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks zubye for dropping by - really appreciate ur comment ;) take care and kiss for irfan jugak tau!


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