Wednesday 25 February 2009

To the Baby on the Way

Countdown for the arrival of my lil baby starts today – it is exactly 2 months from now before that BIG day arrives (the EDD –expected due date is 25th April 2009) – My boy Zharfan arrived exactly on the due date 4 years back…

Well, I’d say at this point of time, I have bought all the stuff as preparation for the new baby (based on a detailed shopping list ;); from the diapers, nappies, clothings, binders, bottles and teats, mosquito net, bibs, booties and mittens, blanket, hat, wet tissues, bouncer, stroller, carrier, baby car seat…it’s a very-very long list…but I have enjoyed every moment of shopping for my lil baby (I’m obsessed with shopping anyway ;)

This bouncer is couriered from Adelaide, Australia - a special gift from my sis, Hany :)

So for my baby in tummy, here is a poem for you, from us – Mama, Papa, Zharfan ;)
We’ll see you soon Insya Allah..

To the Baby on the Way

To the one we love so much,
we cannot wait to feel your touch.
To hear your laughs, to see your smiles,
will help us through the many miles.

We look at you so small and frail,
and hope as parents not to fail.
We'll try our best to do what's right,
to show our love and never fight

Our hearts will fill with many fears,
our eyes will fill with many tears,
as you grow through out the years,
and the diminishing time we spend together nears.

Though all of life will turn and bend,
our love for you will never end.
These words are written with our love,
to our blessing sent from above.

Love Mama , Papa & Zharfan

Original author: Amanda and Randy Hamlett [copyright 2004](

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
7.20 pm
home sweet home


sya said... is heavennyaaaaaaaaaa....xsabar nk kuar shopping with baby..huhu

Mama Zharfan said...

sabar...sabar...byk lg masa nak shopping sya ..;)


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