Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fun-filled vacation at Afamosa Resort

Last weekend, Zharfan, my hubby and I spent a nite at Afamosa Resort, Air Keroh, Melaka (in conjunction with Thaipusam holiday). Actually, this is our second time being there- the first one was 2 years back, when we were there to celebrate Zharfan's second birthday.

Well, since this is our second visit already, so I have planned the short vacation carefully, so that we would not miss any of the attractions available there. We departed from our home right after breakfast, so when we arrived there, we straight away went to roam in the Safari - so we managed to catch the elephant show, bumpy and windy safari truck ride in the safari, raft riding to monkey island, pony ride, and wild wild west show. We had our lunch at the food court in the safari - a nasi ayam + canned iced lemon tea combo cost us RM12 per pax...and a 500ml bottle of cold mineral water is sold at RM3 - since the day was sunny and hot, we got no choice other than to buy minreal water few times...huh..

Posing after elephant show

In the safari truck for safari tour

Zharfan is excited to see zebra in the safari

raft riding heading to monkey island

pony ride

We left Safari at 3.30 pm, and drove to the resort hotel for checking-in. The room is spacious and just nice for the money we paid (well, it costs RM162 from the online booking - We had another plan for the afternoon, so I let Zharfan to have a nap for one hour, so that he would have enough energy for the next activities,...

At 5.30 pm, we entered the Waterworld (which is located just next to the Safari)...well, the Waterworld is just nice (much bigger than wetworld shah alam, but smaller than sunway lagoon definitely)...since it is already late afternoon, it was not too crowded, compared to the morning crowd. Since my tummy is kind of very2 BIG now, so I didn't join the waterplay, so I spent the time snapping pics of my hubby and Zharfan - Zharfan simply loves he really enjoyed himself at the Waterworld.. BUT other than the fun..there was also a disgusting, unpleasant incident happened to us...somebody has mistakenly (I assumed) taken or stole it perhaps? the plastic bag in which I put Zharfan's new swimsuit - it occured near the changing room...I was upset, and Zharfan too of course, as the Tom&Jerry swimsuit is the new one, this is the first time my boy wearing it - I just bought it few days before our afamosa trip..pity my boy, and I put the blame on me for being lil careless while keeping on eye of our belongings...

At the WaterWorld

From the Waterworld, we headed to the cowboytown/carnival, as this is the highlight of the resort for the nite activities. All of us were starving, so we had our dinner at the Kopitiam in the cowboytown. This time, a plate of fried rice costs us RM 12, and a canned drink costs another RM3.50. My hubby commented that the dinner is so yummy (though lil bit expensive to us), well, that is beacuse we were very2 hungry!!
We watched the performance and parade during the carnival show, which includes red-indian show, animal show etc, ending with fireworks show. Zharfan also had 2 rounds kiddie car ride, at the children outdoor mini themepark before we went back to our hotel room and reached there around 11.30 pm!

The breakfast which comes with the room rate/package was as expected - last time we were surprised to learn that it was a set breakfast(a choice of a plate of nasi lemak, or western set ie sausage+bread, or oriental set ie porridge) rather than a buffet style one. Since this is our second experience, so we just enjoyed our nasi lemak without much complaint, though if I were to rate it, we would give it a thumb-down -->the overall food in the resort is very2 much below expectation (less than 2 star food rating..)

After the breakfast, we went to the recreation and sports centre - my hubby and Zharfan were excited to have their first go-kart driving experience - I also joined for the first two laps..well, the go-kart costs us RM50 for 3 laps.

Since Zharfan has yet to have anything for his breakfast, we dropped by at the cafe lounge near the hotel lobby. Zharfan had a slice of sponge choc cake (which is priced at RM7) and a canned drink (iced lemon tea- RM5!!!)emm, that's the standard hotel rate for the drinks anyway.. Then, we proceeded to check out (around 11 am)..

Before reaching home, we dropped by at Carrefour Wangsa Maju to buy a new swim suit for Zharfan to replace the lost one...

Well, the overall experience in Afamosa is fun, enjoyable, memorable (minus the sour experience of the missing swim suit)..

;)I have uploaded all the pics taken at afamosa at picasaweb album

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.15 pm
home sweet home


ummufawwaz said...

salam sis..
enjoy tul bila i baca ur blog..hehe..cuma mls nk komen je..
byk tul adiah u menang..jeles wooo..

Mama Zharfan said...

hi ummufawwaz...lama tak dgr mcm biasa yer...ala, i menang sikit2 ajer...enough to cheer me up ;)
i miss ur cooking lah hehehhe

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

hmmm...menarik juga....bole sugguest kat husband pegi afamosa lah lps ni....

Mama Zharfan said...

kalau tak pernah pegi,memang menarik tempat ni, especially those with young kids and those young at heart ;)


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